Journey to Better Estimates

I’ve always felt that I struggled when estimating projects. No, that’s not completely correct. The small tasks or “go do it” tasks, I can estimate those ones pretty well. What I have struggled with is estimating a big project that has many facets and is, of course, high priority and visibility. TLDR: Estimating is only […]

Entity Framework Core: Getting Started with 3.1

Course Link: As someone who has not used Entity Framework very much, starting with Entity Framework Core 3.1 seems like the best place to start, and I didn’t even realize it at first. When I originally wanted to learn more about Entity Framework, I searched the Pluralsight courses for courses related to Entity Framework […]

I Spent 120+ Hours on Coding in January 2021 and I Didn’t Get Paid for It as a Developer

120+ hours of my time in January was not mine. I gave it up to finally achieve a goal I forgot I had up till now. That goal was to compete in the 2021 AI competition called Battlecode.  I recall some time in my sophomore year of college in  2015-16 that a friend of mine […]

Refactoring in C#: Notes From a Pluralsight Course

This course was a great overview and intro to the world of refactoring. The beginning of the course went into the reasons for when to refactor and when to leave code alone.  It was created by a man named Steve Smtih who is located at this website: You can find the course here: […]

My Notes on Practical Data Modeling With C# and SQL Server

Hey how’s it going? Let’s dive into the topic of today which is data modeling! Here are some notes and thoughts I had from a course on Data Modeling with C# and SQL server. The big thing I learned from this course was normalization. Normalization is an approach to the database design process. The goal […]

Creating a Custom Authorize Attribute in C#

I wanted to share something that I wrote from a large project I completed earlier in 2020. If you have need of adding a security authorization to a C# project, normally you will turn to use the built-in security attributes. This is done by using the references found below. This allows your code to use the […]

How to Write Clean Code Functions

I share my thoughts on the different sections of the book Clean Code by Robert Martin. In this article, I talk about what I learned about functions. Messy Function Code I wanted to start off similarly to how Martin started his chapter on functions with a poorly designed function followed by the refactored version. See […]

What I Learned From My First High Visibility Project

Since I’m new to the blogging space, I thought I’d try writing about my experience in a project at work I just finished up.  What I Learned: The One-Minute Version Overall, the project was a success. My success criteria are that the project fulfills the requirements laid out for it, the customer is satisfied, and […]

My Journey to Cleaner Code

This article is the result of reading the book Clean Code by Robert C Martin. All the recommendations made here are suggested by Robert C Martin.  Looking back on my code from before I read Clean Code to after, I can see huge changes. It’s very apparent now to be able to judge “good” code […]

Naming Conventions from Clean Code

Meaningful Names Choosing good names takes time but saves more than it takes. So the idea is to take your time choosing a name and change them when you find a better one.  Use Intention-Revealing Names The name should answer the big questions such as why it exists, what it does, and how it is […]