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What’s This Blog About?

Welcome to the Active Programmer blog!

Mason Tope-The Active Programmer

Here are a quick 5 seconds about what the blog is about: programming, running, SEO, learning skills quickly, and cybersecurity.

I am big into running and I love to shatter the mold Software developers are put in as the overweight, undershirt, and greasy hair guy hacking out some code in their basement. No way man not for me.

I’m more interested in “hacking” my body and my mind into becoming a learning productive machine. 

The skills I currently feel good about are SQL, C#, and an understanding of SEO (a big umbrella term for ranking high on Google.)
Things I will definitely be looking into in the future: copywriting, affiliate marketing, and cybersecurity.

Are all of these having to do with being a programmer? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I think they’re cool things to know, and being a programmer, learning skills should come easy to us. We’re forced to stay up to date with a myriad of new technologies so it would make sense to have a general knowledge of marketing and security along with those websites or products you create. 

So if that sounds interesting to you, I’d recommend reading this article first (it’s actually still in draft) so you can understand how I try to learn a new skill and implement it correctly.

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