Journey to Better Estimates

I’ve always felt that I struggled when estimating projects. No, that’s not completely correct. The small tasks or “go do it” tasks, I can estimate those ones pretty well. What I have struggled with is estimating a big project that has many facets and is, of course, high priority and visibility. TLDR: Estimating is only […]

Refactoring in C#: Notes From a Pluralsight Course

This course was a great overview and intro to the world of refactoring. The beginning of the course went into the reasons for when to refactor and when to leave code alone.  It was created by a man named Steve Smtih who is located at this website: You can find the course here: […]

My Notes on Practical Data Modeling With C# and SQL Server

Hey how’s it going? Let’s dive into the topic of today which is data modeling! Here are some notes and thoughts I had from a course on Data Modeling with C# and SQL server. The big thing I learned from this course was normalization. Normalization is an approach to the database design process. The goal […]